During The Art of Chi classes you will become acquainted with the basic techniques of the method and by doing so will rediscover the working of the body and the mind.

In a small group of maximum 12 participants, Edwin and Lena guide you personally so you can learn at your own pace. The method always respects the individual limits, that is why the lessons are suitable for every body of every age.

A lesson contains
part 1
– sitting and lying relaxation and breathing techniques
– self-massages, strength exercises, mobilisation of the body energy (chi) from the vital body center (tantien / hara)

part 2
– standing warming up
– standing Tai chi , Qi gong and/or Kirikido movements using the techniques from part 1

Qi gong

8 Brocades & 11 Chinese health exercises

Easy to perform movements to stretch and for the body energy to flow better.

Tai chi

24-form Taï Ji Quan

Choreography of 24 slowly performed martial arts movements, duration about 12 minutes.

Meditation and Chi

Techniques to meditate and to mobilise the body energy (chi).


Techniques for massaging the hands, feet and face.


Kung Fu

Fast and powerful martial arts movements in a choreography, originated in Kung Fu.

Tai chi

108-form Taï Ji Quan

Choreography of 108 slowly performed martial arts movements, duration about 45 minutes.